VS.NET: Debug on public server

I'd like to configure VS to run from my public internet server so I can edit
and update asp.net apps anywhere I have a terminal services connection.
Currently upon firing 'F5' I'm getting a 'Unable to start debugging on the
web server. You do not have permission to debug the app. The URL for this
project is in the Internet Zone'.

I'm able to Build Solution but not debug.

I've added my login to the 'Debugging' user group. Anything else to try?

winserv2003 / Framework 1.1.4322

many thx
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ovalsquareConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Ah, sorry. Thus the Terminal Service reference. Win2003 server really locks down the browser, so my assumption (have not checked it out as of yet myself) would be that you need to  adjust your IE security settings ("Internet Zone" term hints this).

Many other different possibilities, but not enough info to do more than guess. Have you seen this blog yet? http://geekswithblogs.net/ajohns/archive/2004/04/14/3924.aspx, especially this document http://www.gotdotnet.com/team/csharp/learn/whitepapers/howtosolvedebuggerproblems.doc. I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for in that.


softplusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I'm not sure, but doesn't the debug mode use non-standard ports? I.e. ports probably firewalled either at your end or at the provider? I've never been able to get that to work on a public server :)) (but maybe I'll learn from the *real experts* who post after me) :)
Debugging on a remote server is prohibitively slow - in my experience, not worth pursuing (so if you have to run things remotely, you get a whole lot better at using tracing ;-). Debugging remotely with Whidbey (VS2005) will be totally possible however (along with so many other wonderful things!).

juststeveAuthor Commented:
This isn't remote debugging...I'm running VS _on the server...trying to run with the F5/debug mode.
juststeveAuthor Commented:
This entry from http://www.geekpedia.com/blogs/blog.php?author=1&month=01&year=2005&comment=48&PHPSESSID=004045f29431af382a56dbdea7bdb065#48 nailed down my specific problem:

If you get the following error when trying to debug an ASP .NET project:

Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging on the web server. You do not have permission to debug the application. The URL for this project is in the Internet Zone. Click Help for more information.

From Internet Options (in IE go to Tools -> Internet Options), the Security tab, at the bottom of the Custom Settings for Internet Zone, set "Automatic logon with current username and password".
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