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I am working on my first website which is turning out to be quite large without being finished.  In reading I find that by best avenue to complete this for future maintenance as well as performance is to use subwebs.  Can someone give me guidance as to how I would go about changing direction in my task.  Must I start from scratch?  I see that I can create create a new web within my main website but I cannot have a new index page in a frontpage environment.  What am I missing.
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Dividing your website into many subwebs is like having many folders each folder is dedicated to one category.  Suppose your main website is,  and you have Orders, Purchasing, Finance, Personnel, Stores, Catalogues and Maintenance.  Each folder will have its own files and pictures.  Create a subweb for each one.  You can have an index page inside each of the subwebs.  Example,  in stores you can have index.asp or index.htm, so when the user opens,  the index page opens.

Having subwebs is nice when you have a complicated website.  Also you can use folders instead of subwebs to categorize and arrange your website.  Creating subwebs will not make the website smaller.

No need to start from scratch.  Just create the subwebs then move the related .htm pages into each subweb.  Try to make an index page to each subweb to make navigation in the subweb more organized.

Hi mslooner51,
Note: some providers/hosters don't allow you to have subwebs. You might want to check with them first, before you dive into it and run into problems later :)
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