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Hi Guys,
How you all doing....I'm sure...preety well....Cool...Now help me out here please.
I like to know, Is it possible to have a Network Connection Icon in my Taskbar on Fedora Core 2.
Making it more descriptive, I mean the Network Connection Icon that we have in Windows.
The thing is like I've got Fedora on PC and Windows laptop, and I have them connected through LAN.
On my laptop (Windows), I can always see if my LAN is active or not, but, on my Fedore, I have to go to the Network Administrator to do the same,
which take a bit of time.
So, here the question, How can I have a Network Connection Icon on Fedore Core 2, which will indicate network activity?
Thanks Guys.

P.S: I'm the impatient kind, a quick answer be very much appriciated.
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KDE has Knemo

It is available from here:

It has to be started using Control Center/KDE Components/Service Manager, since on the system I'm on today (not fedora core, i use fedora on weekdays only), I don't see it as a running proccess.
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