Connecting a POP3 DSL Email account to MS Exchange 2003

I am putting together a server which will be running MS Server 2003 Small Business edition.  I wish to pull in emails from a DSL account and share them with several client workstations.  The clients will also be able to send emails through this account.  From what I have read, the POP3 to Exchange functionality is not realy supported by MS.  Can anyone confirm the truth of this statement?

If Exchange does not easily connect to POP3, does anyone recommend which aftermarket add in is best for this purpose (i.e. popConnect 6, eXchange POP3, etc..)?

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It can connect to the POP3 service and it shouldn't be that hard to do 'cause that was one of the first things i did when i installed exchange.

If you want more information try searching for "exchange 2003 pop3 connector" in google or in the microsoft kb and you will find it :)


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There is a native service that needs to be turned on...

It is listed here:

Troubleshooting guide for the connector:;en-us;885685#2a

Here is a link recommending other POP3 than the native MS one:

Good luck!

Its no problem to configure your exchange to have a POP3 connector, you only have to enable it to work correctly... There is only one little thing that would give some trouble when you not realy configure your pop3 connector. A pop3 client should give its credentials in a way to the server that thisone knows that the pop3 is in the domain...

You need tyo supply the credentials in this format
username: domain\username\alias
password: password of the user

Else you will not get authenticated...

MS small business server 2003 has a builtin and supported pop3 connector service which is started when you run the "connect to the internet" wizard and select pop3 as your email download option.

The pop3 connection manager can be used to download direct into selected local email boxes or a global box using rules. It also has a catch all box for undeliverables.

Two drawbacks (noticed so far) are:

the minimum setting for the download scheduling interval can only be set for 15 minutes which makes a quick exchange of emails hard work!

the original shipped pop3 connector can hang and use the system resources up 100%, this needs an upgrade and a hotfix is available...

Hotfix for Windows Small Business Server 2003: KB 833992

vsar707Author Commented:
Thanks to all of you participated in answering my question.  Maintaining a server is not my primary job.  Having access to these experts has been invaluable.

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