Cannot create realative path. File is on another drive?

I created a site for a potential client. He liked it but won't be ready for it for a month or so. So I got out the Missing Manual and started going through the tutorials. I created a site and put it on my desktop. I set DW to save the files to that folder. As I was going through the layout tutorial, it wanted me to set a graphic as a background. When I tried to, DW said "...cannot set relative path. The file seems to be on another hard drive..." For some reason DW is saving all my CSS files to the site I created earlier, which is on another hard drive and I don't know how to make it stop.

Please help!

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vickerleungConnect With a Mentor Commented:

Have you tried to switch to Dreamweaver's code view to fix the path?

Or you can use other editors like notepad to change the path first

mooretedAuthor Commented:
Yeah, that's what I finally had to do.

Why does it suddenly change paths all by itself?


Dreamweaver is so smart... =.=""

it will automatically change all the paths and links when ur file is save as... in another directory

mooretedAuthor Commented:
Well, sometimes I wish it would be a little less smart. If I have several sites in the Site Manager, it seems to mix sites up and gets me lost and confused.

Thanks very much for the help. I appreciate it.

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