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On a xp pro(a) that is just part of its own workgroup, how do i create a share so that pc's(b) that is part of a separate domain can have access to it? The domain controller for the other pc's(b) is not available so i can't make xp pro(a) part of their domain nor can i make pc's(b) part of the workgroup.

Any help will do...


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BrianIT ManagerCommented:
I think your best bet for this would be to create a local account on the XP machine for the user that will be accessing this Share.  Give that account the appropriate permissons and have them connect the share by IP or name.  When the dialog box for authentication comes up just put in the following "local XP computername\local account name".  Remember this will be the computer and user account name of the XP computer that contains the share.

ppdevriesAuthor Commented:
Hi Brain, thanks for the comment. Will give it a go, but can only do so tonight. Will report back.

ppdevriesAuthor Commented:
Hi again, sorry for taking so long to reply. Did what you suggested and it worked a charm. Thanx

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