URGENT HELP NEEDED !! (I can't work) I cannot send or receive mail from XP + Outlook 2003 (Error message: 0x80042109)

Somebody - Please Help !

Suddenly I cannot send or receive any e-mail messages (using XP + Outlook 2003). Problem started after I one morning downloaded the latest virusdefinitions from Norton (System Works 2005)...but I am not sure if this is a NAV conflict  problem.
This is the error message I get: Task "SMTP server name - Sending and Receiving reported error (0x80042109): 'Outlook is unable to connect to your outgoing (SMTP) e-mail server. If you continue to receive this message, contact your server administrator or Internet service provider (ISP)."

To resolve the issue, I have so far tried the following (but nothing has worked):

1) Deleted my e-mail Account + Restart + Added my e-mail account again.

2) Un-installed + restarted + re-installed Outlook 2003

3) Checked if I can send/recieve on Outlook Express, which I can = no problems ( but I prefer to use Outlook)

4) Changed my Internet E-mail Settings to..."My outgoing server (SMTP) requires authentication + Log on username +

5) Turned off Norton e-mail scanning (ingoing + outgoing mail + Norton Firewall (Windows firewall is disabled).

6) Un-installed EVERYTHING back to Hewlet Packard factory settings (using HP Advanced System Restore)...and then
    re-installed all Norton products (system Works 2005 + Internet Firewall 2005) and Office 2003 again.

7) Considered throwing the computer out through the window.......

I'd be so grateful if anyone can help me (but please use normal english - I am not very good with computers).

Hasse ("cross-ways")
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davidis99Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Have you checked with your ISP to see if they have a problem with their SMTP server, as well as to confirm your settings, e.g. server name, whether it requires authentication, reset password, etc.?
Have you tried restoring the system back to HP Factory settings, then installing Office 2003 first to see whether it works without Norton installed?
cross-waysAuthor Commented:
YES...I've tried that as well (and...Thanks for your suggestion David).

Also...now I cannot anymore send / receive using Outlook Express either (which I could before) = Item 3 above  (things are getting worse...)
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cross-waysAuthor Commented:
And more....

I have run a full Virus Scan (Norton 2005) but found nothing (getting desperate....)
cross-waysAuthor Commented:
Thanks for your suggestion...YES, I have checked with them. No propblems with their SMTP server, and my settings are alright (as they should). Can you suggest anything else (PLEASE...I really need help - the situation is getting desperate = VERY URGENT !!!)
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi Crossways,
Here is the link to a microsoft article that responds to this error code:


Best regards, Karen
WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
Norton AV uses a built in SMTP server to check the outgoing mail for viruses.

It looks like it has caused this problem.  It can be turned off by selecting:

In Norton AV select Options...

Internet Heading and choose Email (on left hand side)

Untick 'Scan outgoing Email (recommended)'

Click OK

Close NAV and close and reopen Outlook and you should be able to send mail again.

(this does not affect the virus scanning of incoming mail)

cross-waysAuthor Commented:
Dear Wadski,

Thanks for your suggestion, but I have tried that as well (see item 5 above).

Hans ("cross-ways")
cross-waysAuthor Commented:


All of you computer geniuses out there - I need your help !!!!   PLEASE ...

Any suggestion would be much appreciated !

The latest is that when I try to use a 56 K modem connection, using my e-mail address provider's POP3 + their SMTP address, everything works fine. But, when I use  ADSL (router), I need to use my old  e-mail address provider for my POP3 (in order to be able to keep my old e-mail address), and another company for my SMTP (the company that provides the broadband connection). When I tell them I have a problem, they (the SMTP /  broadband provider) says that they don't have a problem - that everyting works fine on their side.  And,  despite being advised that the problem may (probably ) lies with the SMTP provider, I don't know how to convince them that they may be wrong (because I don't undersdstand the cause of the problem, and what to tell them).

Any suggestions regarding what I or/and they (my SMTP provider) can do to solve the issue ????

I'll give you a 1000 points (if that is possible) if you find a solution for this problem !!!

Hans ("cross-ways").
WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
Have you rebooted your Router?

Power it off for 30 seconds and restart it
cross-waysAuthor Commented:

Thanks for your suggestion (and for tryiong to help) !

YES..I've tried that one as well.
cross-waysAuthor Commented:

The problem has been identified !

I changed the ISP provider (as a test)...and then everything works perfectly again. In other words, the problem was/is not with me, but with the company providing the outgoing mail server (SMTP).  Now even they have to agree....

Thanks all of you who have been trying to help !

Hans (cross-ways)
WadskiIT DirectorCommented:
I have heard of some ISPs that do not allow SMTP relaying if your domain (username@DOMAIN.com) does not match.

In the UK we have BT, probably the UKs biggest ISP thay have blocked emails - even when they know the Internet Connection is a business account - as the domain was not theres!!!! (only if they send loads of mail a day)
cross-waysAuthor Commented:
Problem Resolved !

It was the ISP provider who had a problem (it took me a very long time + heaps of convincing to make them see it - they were blaming it on my computer all the time).

The reason I could convince them was by trying a normal 56K modem connection, using another company's ISP.  
Then everything worked perfectly.

Thanks all for trying to help !
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