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My round of golf

I’m creating a golf score db to keep track of my rounds of golf. I have these tables:

tblCourseInfo            general course info(name, address, phoe, etc)
tblCourseHoleDetail                      detailed hole information for the golf courses(hole number, par, distance, etc.)
tblGolfer                                      Golfer information(name, address phone, etc.)
tblRound                                      holds(roundid, date, courseid, golferid)
tblRoundDetail                      holds score details(hole score, # putts, Green in reglation, etc)

My problem is how to update the tblRoundDetail with the information entered in the form. I know this can be accomplished easier if I use datasheet or continuous form for a sub form, but I want to create a form that resembles the golf score card.
This the way I would like the form to work.
1.      select golfer from combobox
2.      select course from combobox (this would update unbound controls with records  related to the golf course holes on the table- par rating, hole distance, etc.
3.      enter date
4.      then enter score details

I'm doing this in access 2003

Thanks in advance
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Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Hi 4isteam,

> I want to create a form that resembles the golf score card.
You can still do this, but instead of holes 1, 2, 3... going from left to right, you'll need this from up-to-down, and after you select golfer-course-date run an APPEND query that adds 18 records for holes 1-18 for this golfer-course-date, sort them ascending by hole, and make these new records the .RecordSource of your subform.

Hope this helps.
4isteamAuthor Commented:
thanks for your response jimhorn,
I know its easier to do it putting the holes up to down but thats not how a golf score card goes and thats what i'm trying to accomplish if possible.
Jim HornMicrosoft SQL Server Developer, Architect, and AuthorCommented:
Good luck. (read:  I don't know how you can do this)  Perhaps Crystal Reports?
Every golf score card Ive ever seen has had holes 1 to 9 down one side and 10 to 18 down the other, with totals boxes at the bottom of each column. You could either have one subform displaying all the holes and scrolling function to allow you to see all records, or put two subforms on the form, on for the first 9 and one for the second. To select golfer and course information and have it displayed on the form you will have to have the embedded subform/s in the main form, with the golfer and course combo or list boxes on the main form.
Another option if you dont want to use subforms is to use frames on the mainform.
This is fairly simple and standard form design though, so you shouldnt have too many probs there.

Sounds fair.

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