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Hierarchical Structure

There are numerous example of how to store the hierarchical tree structure is in SQL 200 DB, and probably the most pointed out is the Celko's method (http://www.intelligententerprise.com/001020/celko.jhtml?_requestid=6477). To tell you the truth I'm having a hard time wrapping my mind around it and I do need some help getting it to work (does not have to be Celko in my case either). I'm using SQL 2K and .NET (VB). First what I need it for:

I was asked to create a "troubleshooter" type of app for our internal use, where you select one question and it gives you a list of other related questions from where you select another question and so on until you reach your solution.

For my needs I the tree does not need to go deeper then say 25 levels. Though infinite tree would be nice too :)

So the 5 things I need is

- the structure used to save the relations (including the question content obviously I'll add my fields here)
- a query or SP that would list available parent in this format:
P1 > Sub-P1 > Sub-P2
P2 > Sub-P2 > Sub-P3 > Sub-P4
(This would get loaded to a control from where you'll select the paretn for a new question)
- a query to add the new Q if the insert is somewhat more difficult then referencing the parent ID
- a way to delete any question including it's sub-questions.
- ideally the information would be stored in one table, but if not possible then I can live with it :)

I won't need the ability to move one question under another, so the nodes will stay in the same place once it's added. I know I'm asking a lot questions that require a lot of code and I don't expect a complete solution, but rather a few example how it can be accomplished.

Any ideas are welcomed ! Thanks.

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Melih SARICAOwnerCommented:
what u want is like an Bill of Material tree

its something like that
u must have an list of all items... and then u must create relations between these items

MainItem SubItem
----------- ---------
1              2
1              3
1              4
2              5
2              6
2              7
3              5
4              7
5              8
5              9

how ll u query this structure?

for example u ave a question ...
 number 1

query mainitem 1
u get 3 results  ( 2- 3 - 4)

then u see that item 2 is ur near ur solution

then u ll query mainitem 2
 then u ll requery main item with selected sub item till u ave no rows returned..

it ll be ur Solution

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