prom_panic: kmem_free block already free

Machine:  SONY VAIO GRT796SP
Solaris 10 x86 installation via DVD gives "prom_panic: kmem_free block already free" error, followed by "Entering boot debugger"

Anyone who had the same problem and was able to resolve?


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yuzhConnect With a Mentor Commented:
First check you hardware to make sure they can support by Solaris

Make sure you have a Intel CPU, and the mainboard have Intel chip set(or what ever chip set on the list), and you graphic card,  Ethernet card are on the list as well.

If you have unsupport hardware, Solaris might not work properly on the PC!

also have a look at the Solaris 10 x 86 doc/FAQs:

More Solaris 10 docs:

And the Good Solaris x86 FAQ:

DTCNTAuthor Commented:
Thank you.
I was already aware of these links (from a similar answer here)

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