One server does not see the PCs from the same domain

We are using several ip subnets in our network environment.
PCs get ip address from DHCP server. till with subnetmask
There is also a domain and if a PC recieves an ip address from DHCP, the PC can see all the PCs in the domain.

We also have one server. The server does not get an ip address from DHCP. It uses an ip address with subnet , but this server can not see the PCs in the domain.The server is a member of a domain and uses as subnetmask but can not see the PCs in the domain. The server sees the name of the domain but only sees itself inside the domain.The other PCs are not shown.
Can it be solved without changing the ip address?

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ZoidlingConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Connect the 2 subnets ( & with a router.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
Sure.  If you add a router or a second network card to the server to put it on that subnet.
Also check if the network card has been installed with its own drivers and not that of WIndows.
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johnmarcoAuthor Commented:
So you say that the server will have 2 network cards and they all need to be activated/enabled. So if  I click "My Network Places" and "Microsoft Network ..." and you say that I will be able to see all the PCs from the domain?

Is it the only possibility?

The server and the PCs are in the same domain, so I think there supposed to be an easier way maybe a setting changement.
johnmarcoAuthor Commented:
Network card has been installed and there is no problem with internet/remote desktop or other networking stuffs, there is only problem with the issue I told.
What is the IP address/subnet mask of the domain controller?

What is the default gateway for the PC's?

What is the default gateway for the server?

Are all PC's and the server connected to the same switch?

You may be able to solve this by changing the server's subnet mask to AND changing the PC's subnet masks to
match by changing the DHCP server settings.  Beware, this may give you unintended results.

A more detailed description of your network setup would help in thinking of other solutions.
johnmarcoAuthor Commented:
Server IP address =
Server Subnet Mask =
Server Gateway =

PCs are 10.10.200..1 - 255

The PCs are not on the same switch. But via via everything is connected to eachother.
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