Nortion Antivirus does not support the repair feature.

Hello experts.

I just bought T6212 and removing redundant software from there.
I've removed McAfee, AOL, did few reboots.
I intended to kepp Norton Antivirus for a while.

Now, at reboot, there is a sequece of windows appeares:

Fist window titled:
"Windows installer. Preparing to install"
On top of it, there is another window:
"Norton Antivirus 2005." with the message like
Norton antivirus does not support the repair feature, please uninstall and re-install."

The question is: how to thix this problem?

The collateral questions are:
"Uninstall" what. Why this message is not specific?
Some clues are about "msiexec.exe /unregister". Then register.
After I close this windows, the computer seems works normally.

Thank you.
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Well, I don't know what else to suggest, except contact Symantec support:
I answered this question not long ago for someone else.  Here's Symantec's explanation and what to do about it:
Yeah, I've seen this also on my machine, and, like you said, after the window is closed all seems to work fine.
Perhaps an expert can jump in and clarify what's going on here.
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Oops, delayed post; didn't get Lee's post before responding.
I suppose we should both take a look at Lee's link.
beaverton8770Author Commented:
Thank you LeeTutor.

Unfortunately this does not work.
There are three options to fix the problem in Symantec link you gave me:

1." If the error happens during install, then go to
Solution 1: Restore the Windows Start menu entry for Norton AntiVirus."

First it is not clear what Symantec means by "install". Instal of what? Norton Antivirus.
Or something else? I don't know what my first window means by install either.
Second, all shortcuts seem in order at my computer.

2. There is no "Miscellaneous" option in fix for Offices Plug in at my Norton's installation.
3. I cannot reinstall NA because I don't have its installation file. NA came with a new computer.
   The only option is to made complete system back up. Erase hard drive and all my two days  work and
    try to repopulate it from recovery CD.
    Beside of this, this, third option does not look very smart: there may be simple reason, like
   registry changes that can fix the problem.

Thank you.

beaverton8770Author Commented:
Msinstaller warns in Events log that:

"Detection of product ..... fearture 'Complete'  component .. failed.
The resource C:\Program Files\Norton Internet Security\Notron Antiirus\Quarantine\Portal\'
does not exists."

I remember that I ordered NA to forbid msiexec.exe to access file system forever.
I did this accidentally, but cannot undo this because cannot find an option in NA
to undo this. Perhaps poor program tries to do some work but still not allowed to
access file system. Can be this a source of problem?

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