Disconnecting problems with Linksys router

Our network is comprised of 15 XP Pro boxes. We're currently using Look Communications 3.0Mbit ADSL sevice (Speedstream DSL Modem??). This setup had been running flawlessly for over a year and a half. About to weeks ago we had several power flickers over a few days, after the last outage our internet died, but the network was still running as normal. I then replaced our old BEFSR81 Linksys router, with a BEFSR81 Linksys router version 3 with firmware Version : 2.50.2. At first everything seemed to be back to normal, until we found our internet connection dropping every several hours. The only way to get the router to reconnect was to turn the dsl modem off and on again, then for several hours we were good again. I had the new router setup exactly as the previous one was. When the internet is on, it is running at full speed. I have the Keep alive set to 20.

Is their an older fireware version that I can try or is there another solution to this that I could try.


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I would start by just replacing the router...probally better than downgrading the firmware...I would also recommed that you use a mid level router....Like a Netopia 3387 or 3387w(if you want wireless).  We have much better results with these routers than the over the counter Linksys or Dlink.
Fatal_ExceptionSystems EngineerCommented:
I would look at the DSL modem itself, and ask Look to replace it..  especially since this happened after a power surge.  

Another solution that has worked for me with Linksys and D-Link routers is to put a UPS under the router. I have discovered (long story) that they are very susceptible to problems with power dips. Try this: when you go out, if you can stand to lose the data in the router, do a long reset on the router only (use a paperclip to hold in the reset button on the router for 10 seconds with the router powered). DON'T REBOOT THE DSL ROUTER when you do this. If that gets you back online (after re-entering any static network information for the router), try the UPS solution.
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