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Can't restore windows

I have formated my c drive and created a new partition, done a scandisk and chkdsk and receive the message that no errors could be found. But when I try to install my windows 98 from my setup floppy disk by typing A:/setup.exe at the prompt I keep receiving a "bad command or file name" error. I want to restore my Windows 98 but nothing seems to be working and I only have access to msdos. Can you please help me?

Thanks so much!
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paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
>> I want to restore my Windows 98....

Do you want to "restore" or install Win 98 ?
Since you have formatted your hard drive, it must be install :)

Can you please give exact steps you are following to install Win 98 ? I fear that you are not doing it rightly.

First, you need to run setup.exe file on your CD.
Second, to run it, you need to go to correcr prompt first. If your CD drive  is D: (if you have not created more than one partition, it will be D:), then you first type "D:" at prompt, and then type "setup" (both without quotes, of course).

Please post back.
mrswriteAuthor Commented:
As I've stated in my question, I'm trying to install from a floppy disk not a cd. And at the A:/ prompt I am typing in setup.exe and I  keep getting the error message "bad command or file name error."  I have installed many programs on many computers, unfortunately that knowledge is not my problem. Thanks for trying anyway. I appreciate your time and effort.
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
I am sorry if I misunderstood you, but I do not think Windows 98 installation comes on floppies. It is a big installation, available on CDs only.
Can you tell me how many setup floppies do you have for Win 98 installation ?

The error message "bad command or file name" comes if setup.exe file is not present on the present working directory. This means that the floppy you are booting from does not have this file.

What I feel is that you are booting from a bootable Windows 98 floppy, and you need Windows 98 CD to install it.
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mrswriteAuthor Commented:
Ahhhhhhhhhhh, that may very well be my problem. The floppy may be just a bootable. My computer came with the Windows installed so I don't have an actual CD and my computer is too old to contact Microsoft for a free installation cd. Do you think that if I purchase a Windows 98 CD that my problem will be solved?  If so, should I purchase the plain Windows 98 or the Windows 98 SE? I don't really know the difference.

You are so sweet to help me out and I really, really do appreciate you!  Thanks!
Microsoft had a change of heart and will support Windows 98 for another year, according to Google sources.

That being the case, and since you are being forced to bite the bullet anyway, maybe now is the time to update to Windows XP - if your hardware will support it.
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
Hello mrswrite,

Of course, you will be able to install Windows 98 (or SE), if you buy its CD.

Windows 98 SE has following more than plain 98 :

-New feature Internet Connection Sharing ICS to share one access to the Internet with multiple networked PCs
-The latest Year 2000 updates
-New versions of Internet Explorer 5 and Outlook Express 5
-Netmeeting version 3
-All updates since the original Windows 98 release as well as new updates and patches
-Additional device drivers
-New versions of WebTV, DirectX, USB and several other options.

The PCs, which come preloaded with OS, either have a hidden partition having an image of the hard disk after OS was installed. This is used to restore the PC to factory-packed condition. As your PC is very old, I don't think you have this partition. (You can tell if it is there, if you get a message stating "Press so and so key for system restoration" or similar).

The other thing these preloaded PC come with is an I386 directory at root (C: drive), which contains all files required for OS installation. As you have formatted your drive, you have lost this folder too.

Installing Windows XP would have been the best option, but I doubt if your old hardware will support it.

In nutshell, you can go ahead and install Windows 98 SE :)
(I believe it will be sufficient for your requirements too, as you had been using it till recently)
mrswriteAuthor Commented:
I have XP on my other computer and I hate it!  That's why I really want the Windows 98.  I've been looking on Ebay and I'm sure I can get one so I think that's what I'll do.  Thanks so much for your help.
paraghsDy General ManagerCommented:
I too don't like XP :)
My home PC has Windows 98, and Windows 2000. I use 98 mostly. It indeed is easy to use, and easy to repair OS.
Make sure that you have all the drivers for your hardwares, though.
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