motherboard support for hdd capacities


i have two hdds, one samsung 160gb 7200 rpm and 2nd one samsung 40gb 5400rpm. both are connected. that is total 200gb.

my motherboard is msi kt4av,
appolo kt 400a chipset.
both hdds are recognised by bios.
now i visited msi site where i found out that my motherboard supports upto 160gb hdd.
so my question is how i will know what is the correct hdd capacity supported by my motherboard.

system spec:

amd sempron 2600+
ddr400 i gb ram
msi kt4av mob
cd writer
dvd rom
450 watt power supply
sound blaster live 5.1 card
surecom lan card
ati radeon 9600 vga card

thank you
arunava nayak
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>> motherboard supports upto 160gb hdd <<   This means that it will support HD's up to 160gig in size, per HD.
The number of HD's and what they total is not a factor. You should be able to run 4 HD's of 160gig each, with no trouble.
probably it supports even larger disc drives, but it can be limited in the BIOS.
If you want to run bigger drives than recognised by the bios, you can use a PCI to ATA, or a PCI to SATA adaptor
Goody! Points for me.     : )
Thank you much.    : )
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