Merge or Portal for invoice?

I have a DB with records for that list what I have done for clients. There is a new record for each visit with each client. Among other things, the records has field for the visit data and the task done on that date.

Now I would like to create an invoice which would include the field with the items done on each visit and the date of the vist.

I have tried using a Portal and it works somewhat. All the items for each day and the date of each visit automatically appear on the invoice layout. But there is a problem:

The "cell" for each repeition has to be fixed to a certain size. This means that if my items for the day add up to five lines, I have to make the cell five lines tall to all items are visible..but if the items for the second vist are only two lines, then the second cell of items has a lot of blank space.

Would a "merge" field suit my needs better?
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lesouefConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I got it right: it is a perfect application for a portal to a 2nd table containing interventions data.
And can also be done with 3 repetitive fields, put side by side.
Let me know where this is not clear. Need an examlpe?
merge fields can help, but not really as you'd like it.
Portals can used, but not ideal; it is rather a solution for display only. Use a sub-summary in yr layout, and it will resize itself according to the amount of related records.
Otherwise, if you'd use oprtals, use sliding cells; my problem is for correct words as I do not use an english version:
Select cells to be butted, then
Format menu/last option down, then check the option to slide objects towards top. When you do this, you should select all objects in the portal othewise it won't shrinh properly. Effect is visible only in preview mode.
IssaquahAuthor Commented:
Maybe I am not stating the problem correctly. Here is what I am trying to do:

I make three visits to a client called "Sam". On April 15th I fix his computer which takes two hours. On April 20th I fix his network which takes 1.5 hours. On April 25th, I fix his printer which takes .5 hrs.

I would like to have a way to have the date, the hours and what I did show up all at once. It would look something like this:

4/15     Fix computer     1.0
4/20     Fix network       1.5
4/25     Fix printer         0.5

Thanks again!
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