displaying related data in a datagrid

i have 2 tables called ServiceTypes and Services. ServiceTypes contains ServiceTypeID (numeric value)  and ServiceTypeName (Furniture, Electrical, Labor, etc). Services contains various services available, eg Wooden table & chair, 40 watt bulb, etc. The data in the Services table contains the ServiceTypeID as a foreign key.

i have created 2 datasets to populate data from both the tables, and i have set a relationship between them.

i want to display this data in a datagrid control. i need the service type (Furniture) and then a list of all the services within that type (Chair, table, hooks, etc). can you please show me how to do it, or send me the code. thanks
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sachiekConnect With a Mentor Commented:
There are soo many examples.

Look at this below examples.
RTKHOTAuthor Commented:
what i mean is that in the datagrid, i need to show ServiceType, followed by the services within that type.
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