Use OutLook 2003 as email client for lotus notes email server

How to configure outlook 2003 as Lotus Notes Email Client?
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brwwigginsIT ManagerCommented:
2 options.

The easiest one is to acquire the plugin from Lotus. It offers you the most functionality.

The manual method is as follows.

(1) Open Outlook
(2) Go to Tools->E-Mail Accounts
(3) Add a new e-mail account
(4) Select "Additional Server Types"
(5) Select "Lotus Notes Mail"
(6) You will need to have access to your Lotus Notes ID file.

I personally use the plugin. It's a lot easier, adds some Domino-only features, and has a wizard you can use which will configure the client for you.
U have to enable POP3.

What is the main reason you want to use Outlook as the mailing client?
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howardchingAuthor Commented:
Outlook Client is much powerful. But how to configure the outlook?
Did u gone through the above link?
howardchingAuthor Commented:
One link after another. Would you provide the advise.
Enable POP3 on your domino server and use outlook to access this pop account. Check Admin help on configuring pop3

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