burning dvd's with a dual layer burner

I have been burning dvd's for a while with my sinle-layer pioneer dvd burner using DVD Shrink and Nero. I recently installed a BENQ Dual Layer burner into a mates pc and assumed I could use DVD Shrink and Nero like I do. When I use Shrink it errors half-way through the backup process. Can anyone tell me what programs I need to use to copy DVDs using a Dual Layer DVD Burner. Also, the burner came with a Nero suite CD.
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Probably need the latest version of Nero for dual layer support.  If it stops halfway it may be that DVD Shrink is trying to send the data bit Nero is saying no space left.

I would expect the Nero that came with the burner would support dual layer but it may require a patch update.  Check the Nero site for updates.

Check the firmware version on the burner there are updates for some models.

Also you could try different media.  I have heard some good reports using Verbatim disks over others.

It would be nice if you could atleast provide us with the error... If you don't tell us _what_ is broken it will take a lot longer to get fixed.

You may need a "drive update", an update to the program to support new drive models.  With all of the optical media software (CD and DVD) it is very important both to update the main programs themselves (usually 2 to 5 times per year) as well as to install "drive updates", which are often separate and support new drive models, but not new program features or bug fixes.  Further, you need a separate drive update for each program (e.g., on my system, Nero, Roxio and Pinnacle all have separate drive updates).

If it's failing halfway through the program, that would be where one layer ends and the other layer begins, so this makes sense.  The two layers are both spirals, but one is clockwise, the other is counterclockwise, and one is from inside out, the other from outside in.  Frankly, I don't trust dual-media that this time, and on top of that it is very expensive (almost $10 per disc until very recently, although now more like $7 per disc).  Pioneer says that the only brand that they officially support is Verbatim brand.
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harrysturgessAuthor Commented:
Thanks kode99. The Burner did come with a Nero Suite. I will try the updates and let you know how it goes. Am I correct when I say, " I dont need Shrink with Dual Layer Burning. I only need to use NERO and Dual Layer Discs".

Also, is it possible to use the Dual Layer Drive to Burn Single Layer Discs? ie. use DVD Shrink to rip to HDD then NERO to copy files to 4.7GB disc?  
Yes you can burn regular 4.7 GB in a dual layer burner.  In fact the dual layer burners hit the market quite some time before there were any dual layer media in stores.  Most likely your burner will do DVD+/-R,+/-RW and DVD+R DL and probably all CD formats as well.

Nero will burn fine.  DVD Shrink is actually a layer on top of Nero that uses the Nero API to do the burning.  So Shrink is really just executing a Nero burn.  So if the version of Nero does not specifically support dual layer you cannot burn dual layer with DVD Shrink.  If you need the functionality of DVD Shrink use it,  you can also use Shrink to create the images then manually burn the disks as well.  If not I would just use Nero.

Also your may get better feedback when burning with Nero directly.  It may come up with a error that tells you what the problem is.

harrysturgessAuthor Commented:
OK, well I just tried a different DVD and Shrink ripped it to the HDD fine this time. I heard somewhere that DVD Shrink doesn't support Dual-Layer DVD Burners. It seemed to work with this one so must be a myth.  What do you mean when you say "DVD Shrink is actually a layer on top of Nero that uses the Nero API to do the burning", cause I've only ever used DVD Shrink separate from NERO (to rip DVD->HDD)?
Hi Harry,

DVD Shrink has an error that if the DVD region on the drive has not been set, it will cut out at certain points within the DVD.

Try and specify a region for your DVD Drive and you should be able to get it working fine.

The DVD you ripped that worked may have been region free.

Hope this helps


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