Windows Installer prompts you for an Office 2000 CD

I am experiencing the following problem:;en-us;298385

Has anyone found an alternative solution to this problem?
The method 1 solves the problem, but my IT Helpdesk do not want to have to run an Office application for every new user that logs into the computer
We do not run the installation from a CD, but from the network, but it's not possible for us to run an Administrative installation
We do not use any kind of group policies

If you have any ideas, please respond asap...
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Seems that's ongoing problem with MS-Office 2000... There is no fix released till now... This is happening because "HTML Source Editing" is set to "Install on First Use". Ask your end users to change this option to "Run from My Computer" or "Not available". No other solution is available right now.

PhilAIAuthor Commented:
That has not solved the issue.

I'm trying to code into my application that starts on boot up an execution of Excel just once. However, if I Shell execute the Excel.exe the installer does not start, and if I execute the MS Shortcut to Excel it replies back with Access Denied *argh!*

I cannot run the shortcut as Administrator because it is not an EXE file.

Does anyone know how to build the target that the shortcut file uses?
PhilAIAuthor Commented:
Problem resolved by unregistering the MSCOMCTL.OCX and then re-registering it on startup.

Will be closing this question now...
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