Can't login to home network anymore.

I got a bad virus the other day and it took me a while to get rid of it.  I had to download the new microsoft anti-spam software to get rid of it.  mafee could not even detect it.   Anyway, I cannot hook up to my sprint broadband service anymore.  What I have done is connected my PC to a wireless router along with my printer.  I have two laptops that work great so it is not a problem with the router or the service.  I am running windows XP and have a gateway computer which is only a year old.  

When I look in the computer management under device manager/network adapters it says both of the network adapters are "This device is working properly."  When I try to install the sprint software again it says it has a problem with the network cards as if it cannot find them.  Any ideas?
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Try running this Winsock Repair fix:
remove the cards and let windows reinstall them,,,

from the device manager, delete the network card entries and reboot

did u check if u have a connection to the router? try ping
and check if u have the latest driver and its software
ho0mwpAuthor Commented:
Thanks smiffy13 that saved me a lot of time.  That program really did the trick. What a great find.  You rock dude.  
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