Outlook 2003 Does Not Delete Messages From Server


I am using MS Outlook 2003 with Windows XP Pro. Every time I start Outlook it starts to download hundreds of messages (today 838). However, when I check my Yahoo mail via the Web, I have about 30 messages in my Inbox and about 100 in my Bulk Mail folder.

I have checked to make sure Outlook is set to delete messages from the server, and it is.

Does anyone know what's wrong and how to fix it?

I have a screen shot of my Outlook settings to confirm that I have selected to have messages deleted from the mail server.

Josh FialkoffFounder/CEO Asked:
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Delete everything you can via yahoo web mail, then try again.  Outlook is supposes to notify the server that the messages have successfully been downloaded, so that they are removed from the server.  Normally what happens is that there is a spam message with a bad header causing Outlook to fail at downloading the messages or notifying the server, so the same messages come back down the pipe the next time.
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
Are they duplicate messages?
Josh FialkoffFounder/CEO Author Commented:
Yes they are...
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
If TRAVAL suggestions doesn't work try creating a new pst folder (assuming you have message delivery for this account set to a personal folder.)  Change default delivery to this new account.
Josh FialkoffFounder/CEO Author Commented:
I solved this problem by going to add/remove programs and selecting the delect/repair problems option... still not sure exactly what was going on.

Thanks though...

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