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Posted on 2005-05-09
Last Modified: 2010-04-03

I am using a p3 system 933 Mhz intel cpu with ASUS,CUSI-FX SiS socket 370 mother board.
 I use win 98SE OS.The installed  memory is SD RAM 128 MB of simmtronics brand.

I want to upgrade it to higher level. I am planning to install SD RAM of 512 Mb.
1.Will it work optimally with this system?
2.What is the optimum  RAM for this system?
3.There are two slots available for RAM in the mohter board. If I install one more RAM stick with the existing one,will it create any problem?

What are the merits/demerits of having single RAM stick or two ? Does it make any change in the system performance.

Thanks for your help.

Best Regards,
Question by:rmsiyer
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    Accepted Solution

    1. Win98 will probably not really be able to fully use your 512MB Ram. With windows XP the more Ram the better...
    2. Just less than 512MB. (1 128MB stick and 1 256MB stick should do).
    3. Not if it is the same specs (speed etc.)

    Having just 1 stick allows for a later upgrade, without the need for getting rid of the current ram.
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    Assisted Solution


    rmsiyer: rindi told you already all we can say about what to do. Do not go beyond 512 MB as your Windows might decline to boot (unless you do some entry in system.ini which limits the amount of RAM Windows may address). 384 MB I consider ideal, and when you buy a 256 MB module check with the mainboard manual what type of RAM is needed. Older boards may only be able to address 16 MB x 16 configurations, others can handle 32 MB x 8 and the newer ones are fit for 64 MB x 4  - this is depending on the chipset of the mobo.

    I would like to advise you to buy RAM of brand name and care for the possibility to return it, if it shows problems. If you are in the US, there is one recommended source: (the trade name for Micron Technologies), while another good source is (but these guys already buy the chips to manufacture the modules, while Micron/Crucial is one of the 5 genuine RAM producers on this planet).

    rindi answered your questions, he should already be awared the points.


    PS: What future upgrade do you have in mind? If you want to run Windows 2000/XP one day, or Linux, then it is advisable to install 2 x 512 MB (= the maximum your board's chipset can handle) - at the time of upgrade. And if your RAM module now only supports PC100 timing, then take it out and move to PC133 completely. You will feel no difference between using 1 or 2 modules, this board does not support dual channel memory access like the newer 939 boards do. What are you going to do with this computer, what type of work is it intended for?
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    Windows 98 can use more than 512 megs of memory, but there is a patch required; otherwise it not only won't use more than 512 megs, it may not even run.  The patch can be found on the Microsoft web site, and is an additional line in one of the text configuration files.  There is very little, if any reason, to exceed 512 megs of memory for Windows 98, indeed, it is very unlikely that you will get any beneift from going beyond 256 megs.  You will see some performance benefit (not great, however) going from 128 to 256 megs.

    All of the rest of your question mostly reflect whatever limitations may line in the chipset used on your comptuer's motherboard.  You need to determine which chipset that is (from the manual or the motherboard maker's web site), then look up the chipset to see what limitations, if any, it might have.  Usually, with SDRAM, you can have 2 or 3 modules, they do not have to be the same size.  By the way, it's "SDRAM" not "SD RAM", which might be confused with SD modules (Secure Digital, a type of flash memory used in digital cameras and MP3 players, and referred to as SD memory).

    Give serious thought before you put any significant money into this sytem, it's very antiquated, and you might be better off buying a new system instead of upgrading it, even if the upgrade is relatively minor.


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