After running the recovery console to fix windows\system32\config\software corrupt error. my computer now does not load up the keyboard or mouse at boot.

after fixing the issue of not being able to boot because of the error above. now when i boot the pc up i receive the network setup wizard and the mouse and keyboard are not detected. i think it is a driver problem. is there a way to load the drivers with the recovery console, or do you now of any other way to get the pc to detect the keyboard and mouse?

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Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Does the same thing happen in Safe Mode or Safe Mode with Networking? because registry entries for these two modes are different.

go to your BIOS and see if the correct options are selected for your keyboard and mouse..
doddwellAuthor Commented:
i have checked the bios settings for the keyboard and mouse they are ok.
doddwellAuthor Commented:
Yes the same thing happens in both safe modes.
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