I used to be able to 'File', 'send', 'as' ... & pick an account - now I cant :-(

Hi All, just built new PC for a client, added Outlook 2000 - no problem. Imported old mail and contacts etc via .pst - no problem. I have added 5 pop email accounts to his services - no problem. Trouble is, he doesn't want all the accounts to be checked automatically, he wants to simply use 'check for mail on x' and leave the other accounts for when his wife is on the machine. So, when I set up the accounts - I unticked the option for each account to be 'included when send/receive' ... or something like that. All of this is working fine and he just receives email from the accounts he wants to - when he wants to. The problem is - he no longer has the option (which he used to have) to click 'file', 'send', 'as' ... and choose which account he wants his newly typed email to go FROM. The buttons simply aren't there, nor are they available through customising the standard toolbar. Any ideas?

I do not want to use profiles - he wants it to work just as above.


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A.V.Connect With a Mentor Lead EngineerCommented:
Open a blank email.  From within the email, click on VIEW.  Then FROM FIELD.  The From field should appear.  When you close out of the email the setting should retain for all other emails as well.
Karen FalandaysTraining SpecialistCommented:
Hi Max,
Can't be done the way you have it. The send using is only available, as you have found, when you have multiple accounts set up as he did before
safe-2-surfAuthor Commented:
Many thanks NYTEKGIRL - is that New York??

Problem solved - should have known - just ask a woman!
A.V.Lead EngineerCommented:
LOL.  Glad to hear it!!!
Yes, I started my I.T. career in New York but have sinced moved back to North Carolina.  Just never got around to changing my alias to NCTEKGIRL!!!  Good luck!
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