Citrix and SQL CAL's

I am planning a Citrix installation but have the following question.

I understand that for a 70 user Citrix installation I need 70 Licences for Citrix and that it there is a total of 140 Users/120 devices that I would need 120/140 CAL's for terminal Server. But if I have 2 Citrix load balanced servers running my application that accesses a SQL Database, do I need 120/140 SQL CALs or 70 SQL CAL's OR can I get away with having just 2 SQL Device CAL's as there are only 2 devices accessing the SQL DB (The Citrix servers)


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darrengpConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Depending on the platform you are installing on you can either licence TS by user or by device. As for the SQL you can licence per Processor thus not needing user CALs
So yes 70 Citrix, either 120 or 140 TS and then it depends on your SQL server on the per processor

Have a look at this site see if it helps

ellandrdConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You will need 120/140 cals per server

I would have can sql enterprise to get round this issue..

hope this helps
peawet08Author Commented:
Thank you.

It seems they call it multiplexing and it refers to the fact that the CAL is needed even if the connection to SQL is direct or indirect

Bloody MS get you all ways.


If you purchase the TS licenses by user rather than device you only need to worry about concurrent users on the system and NOT devices.  much more cost effective unless you have more users than devices that share the devices...

heidianne jackson
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