Photoshop (windows) Automation question

Does anyone know if its possible to get Photoshop to run in an unattended manner?

The Problem I have is as follows:

I want to be able to call photoshop from another application, have it perform a scripted action (the scripted action is to open a file, place text on the file and save the file with a different name and location) (Thank you Lobo)

I want to be able to change the text that is put on the file (these files are 1-bit tiffs that most other applications won't touch) by passing values to the call, as well as the saved filename.

Does anyone know if this is possible.... I know that I will have to subscribe to ASN to get the SDK and tools to do this from Adobe, but I want to make sure that what I am asking is possible before I spend the money with them.


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freeman118Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Wow, you ask all the easy questions rjayres. There are two main ways to control photoshop externally, if you're a mac user u can use AppleScript, heres some info:
If you're a windows user u have to use OLE(Object Linking and Embedding), there are many different ways to make use of OLE, you can use any of the languages/scripting languages that support it, ie. javascript(photoshop cs provides a javascipt editor and documentation in your Adobe\Photoshop CS\Scripting Guide\ folder), delphi and visual basic.
some delphi examples:

While all of these will allow u to automate and control photoshop, I'm not sure you that you can change the particular text in the action u have recorded. However I think u could use a complete javascript solution to achieve what you're after, however I don't have that much experience with scripting photoshop, beyond simple repetitions. Read the docs supplied with photoshop.
Hi RJ,

Yes, I agree with Freeman; there's gotta be a way and most likely it involves either Java or VB. What I would do is upload the recorded action to a location where it can be downloaded; and then post a pointer to this question in the Java and VB Topic Areas. I'm pretty sure someone there can come up with a solution. Another option would be to email Adobe and ask them if such thing is possible using their kit.
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