Getting the nag screen on end user's machine with Component One VSFlexGrid 8.0

I have created a VB UserControl Project, which contains Component One  VSFlexGrid 8.0. We have licensed version for that. It works fine in the PC where it had developed. But when we r creating the  .Cab file for Deployment (Using Package & Deployment Wizard By Visual Studio 6.0) it 's coming up with the nag screen (License not found.)
We have included the .LPK file at the time of creating package.
We r developing this in Win XP, & try to deploy in Win 2000 / 2003.

Any idea how to solve the licensing issue.

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I just saw this on the FlexGrid site:

"To distribute applications you create with the VSFlexGrid control, you must install and register it on the user's computer. The Setup Wizard provided with Visual Basic provides tools to help you do that. Please refer to the Visual Basic manual for details."

That sounds like a question for the vendor.

That said, it sounds like you've included part of the development environment in the deployment package.
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