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I need to have 2 home pages, one for local and one for national. Visitors can start on either page. All other pages are shared. But when a visitor goes from any non-home page back to home, he must return to the same page he entered on.

I looked at $_SESSION array but it seems messy - cookies on/off, every page has to have a session_start(), etc. It also looks like all my files will change from htm to php.
I was hoping for an easier way, or maybe I'm over-complicating $_SESSION.

Any ideas would be appreciated.
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PromethylConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Let's start by cleaning it up. Convert all pages which would need the session to PHP. It was my understanding session_start is implicit.

I would put print_r($_SESSION) at the top of each page and see what values are on each page. Then troubleshoot each page that fails the test.
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