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Product Matrix for manufacturing

I am trying to put together an app, just as a learning exercise, that a manufacturing plant could use.  The biggest feature that I would like to have is a multi-dimension customized product matrix.  I would like the clients to be able to create a single "product" that has various options to the product to create different products.  Example:  Picture frames.  A specific frame has a profile, a shape, a size and a color.  I would like the client to create a single "product", the profile, that has various shapes, sizes and colors that could be chosen.

I have thought of accomplishing this by having separate tables created for each of these "products", but that would mean that I do not have a single table with all my product codes in it.

Does anyone have any ideas on how to implement a product matrix that allows the users to specify the different dimensions this way?

Thanx in advance.

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Melih SARICACommented:
Its something like Called  Configurator ..

Items and features ll create new Items..

First U must ave an Item Table

Then Feature Table

These Features must ave variable Answers or Uniq answers

and u must ave and ItemFeature Table to create Relation between Items and Features

then  if u create new Item Codes from These ItemFeature Combinations

U must ave and FeatureAnswerCode Table

u ll Join these tables and get the result..

i know its a lil bit complex.. But i got flu today and feel like a mass.. cant explain more..


SterlingMcClungAuthor Commented:
It seems like you know what to do, but that did not make much sense to me.

It seems you are talking about havin three different tables: one will all products in it, one with the different options, and another that says what the features are.  So then would it be something like the following:


450      Oval        11x14     Rosewood         $50
450      Oval        11x14     Gold Leaf           $75
46        0            Oval        8x10       Hunter Green     $25
46        1            Oval        8x10       Hunter Green     $30

Product     Feature1      Feature2   Feature3   Feature4    Feature5
450           Shape          Size           Color       Price
46             Decoration   Shape        Size         Color         Price

Is this what you mean?
SterlingMcClungAuthor Commented:
Is this just way to create all the product/item codes?
Melih SARICACommented:
o.. here is an example


FeatureID  FeatName
----------- -------------
Feat_1      Shape
Feat_2      Size
Feat_3      Color
Feat_4      Decoration
Feat_6      Madeof

(Feat Answers)
FeatID AnsID AnsNAme
------- ------- -----------
Feat_1 Ovl       Oval
Feat_1 Pol      Poligon
Feat_3 blu      Blue
Feat_3 red     RED

(Feature by Product Item)
PrdID Sern Feat ID
Itm_1  10    Feat_1
Itm_1  20     Feat_2
Itm_1  30     Feat_3
Itm_2 10     Feat_1

Answersby Item
PrdID Sern Answer
Itm_1  10    Oval
Itm_1  10    poligon
Itm_1  30    Blue

then with these tables ur matrix must be created


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