Make symbols on a map 2-way

I have a map with about 20 areas that have been numbered.  I am currently using coordinates to define the areas on the map, which when clicked on take the viewer to the text description for the item of interest.  So normal setup!

I would like to have an index with the 20 areas and titles next to the map where I could click on an index item and have either the number or an arrow or something else light up on the map to show where that location can be found.

Can this be done and how easily?  Would rather not have to load up a different image as that would mean preparing 21 maps ( 1 normal and 20 with one box lit)
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softplusConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You could position the arrows using CSS/DHTML/DIV tags, something like here:

Just load the map in back, use a div-tag (postition dynamically placed by the server) to position the arrow image. Done :)
d_a_hAuthor Commented:

Will get back to you when I have plucked up the courage to try all these new things!  I had an inkling that I would have to go down this route, but was secretly hoping that there might have been an HTML way of doing it.  Oh well .....  guess that I need to increase my basic web language knowledge.

before I start, do DIVs etc work with includes?
d_a_hAuthor Commented:
Have not replied as trying to get more information as the answer was technicaly correct, though more information would have been nice.  Will close it Grade B
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