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I am using eVC++ 4 and MFC.

I am trying to dynamically add popup menu items at runtime on a Pocket PC.  CreatePopup and AppendMenu don't seem to work like they do in Windows.  It looks like a menu is actually a series of toolbar buttons that act like menus.  I can append menu items to existing menus, but I can't seem to add my own.  How would I do this?  Thanks.

Timothy Dean
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jkrConnect With a Mentor Commented:
According to ("CE 3.0 - Using Menu Creation Functions") and ("CE .NET 4.2 - Using Menu Creation Functions") the following

HMENU hmTrackPopup;    // The popup menu to track.

// Create the popup menu.
hmTrackPopup = CreatePopupMenu();

// Append some items.
AppendMenu(hmTrackPopup,MF_STRING, 1000,TEXT("Append Item 1"));
AppendMenu(hmTrackPopup,MF_STRING, 1001, TEXT("Append Item 2"));

should work.
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