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DNS Registration Error

When I run netdiag on one of my Windows 2000 Advanced Servers I get this error:

[FATAL]: The DNS registration for 'server_name.domain_name.com' is incorrect on all DNS servers.  I cannot figure out what it is. I have two other servers on my domain, one running Windows 2000 Advanced and one running Windows 2003. They both have no errors. The server I am having problems with is setup to point only to itself for DNS.
1 Solution
does this server have a DNS entry for itself?
what do you get when you do an NSLOOKUP servername.domainname.com ?? does it resolve correctly?
id run ipconfig -registerdns so this machine will register itself and see if that helps
Seelan NaidooMicrosoft Systems AdminCommented:
try running the following utility called DNSlint from microsoft to check and verify your DNS


Other thoughts,

Does the Primary zone still exist for your domain?
Do you have a Reverse Lookup zone configure on your Servers?
Do you have any root hints configured?
Are you using an ISPs DNS server as a forwarder?

What mode is your AD running in? Is it 2000/2003?
If 2000, can you successfully initiate Zone transfers between your DCs.
If 2003, do you have a AD intergrated DNS zone?

Last, and most important. Do you have a recent, working SystemState backup of both DCs?
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
I think there is some problem with the SRV records not registered in DNS or there could be a problem with the Authoritative server for this domain. Do oen thing....stop and start netlogon service or run netdiag /fix to resolve.

Let us know.

gbauer17Author Commented:
I have rebooted the server to see if this would help. Did nothing the error still comes up.
can you please answer the questions that the others and I asked you?  it will help you resolve your issue.

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