workstation can not access one of my servers

I have a number of dell computers that have been setup to us DHCP to optain an IP address.  The computers have the proper IP configuration and can access all my servers on the network except one.  The IP address the machine recieve is in the proper ip range from the my DHCP server (correct subnet and all), but it can not connect to Server A, it can however connect to the resources on SERVER B, C, D etc.

If I change the ip address the workstation can then connect to the server A as wekk.   I have about 10 out of 50 machines I have this problem with.  

Why would only one server not allow a connection from a certian ip address.  

I deleted the lease from my DHCP server and rebooted the workstation.  The workstation will get the same ip address and still cannot connect to server A, but can connect to Server B, C, D etc.  All servers are running windows 2003 and the workstations are running Windows xp professional sp2.  

If I change the ip address on the workstation it can then connect to server A.  

There appears to be a certian number of IP address that server A does not like.

Whats up with that?

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Fatal_ExceptionConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Are you connecting through a Routing Device, like a Cisco Router, or perhaps a managed switch?  If so, then it could be the result of IP Access Lists on the managed device, disallowing the connection...  Just a thought..
savoneConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The only thing I can think of off hand is an IP conflict somewhere. Do you have only ONE DHCP server on the network?  Are you sure all the other servers have DHCP service off?
jeopboyConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The problem seems to be focused on Server A.  What about the subnet mask on Server A?  

If it is wrong, it might be excluding the upper or lower part of your DHCP scope, thus causing the problem you have.

Do you have a record of the IP addresses that will and won't work?  
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zkriegerConnect With a Mentor Commented:
also note if your trying to connect by name, and not by IP, you may have an invalid wins or dns entry for that server.
CCACWD69Author Commented:
Sorry lads for taking so long to get back to you folks.  I found the problem was with some static ARP entries for those IP address in the arp table for Server A.  I have no Idea how they got there because I installed those servers myself and never entered any arp entries.

Any way, I deleted the arp table and it worked fine.  

This has happened on two of my servers.  I re-imaged or setup brand new computers and the ip address some of those computers (not all) got from DHCP showed up on one server in the ARP table as static entries.  I forgot to check but the MAC to IP address in those table must have been from older machines.

I offered up 500 points so I would like to give each of you 125 for at least giving me some ideas, can you tell me how I do that.

I have another question I am just about to post about some outlook exchange issues I am having.  Keep posted

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