playing a swf file in HTML web page using a combobox

Hi this is my first post in this forum,  so hello to all, i am really new to all this HTML stuff, it's great though!!!

i am trying to create a single web page that has a combo box on it....with the full list of video's i want to be able to play...

i also want to have the flash player....

can someone please advise me how to set this up.

i have no idea how to :

1) get the film to play
2) film to change when the user selects a differnet option.

any tips or advice would be much appreciated

web set up:

Root --->VideoPlayback.html
Video Folder Contains --->Log on Tutorial 1.swf
                                  --->Players Database Tutorial 2.swf


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funhyun1Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Some question for you:

1) DO you have Flash MX 2004 Professional?
2) Sorenson Squeeze ? If you don't have Squeeze, then you can use Wizard that is built in Flash for to encode but the encoding option is not as flexible as Squeeze.
3) Are your SWF movie files come from .mov, or .mpeg, etc?
4) Do you have Toast?
5) How many MB are your SWF files?
6) Flash Video Kit from Macromedia?

There are many factors you need to consider before implementing videos. If you don't have any of these mentioned above, then it is best probaly embedding the .mpeg or .mov into your HTML file in Dreamweaver. See this tutorial . If you don't have these softwares monetioned above, it is better using progressive download with quicktime file method because at least the user will see something while your movie file downloads meanwhile embedding SWF, you have no way of knowing how much is being downloaded.

But if you have the softwares mentioned above, then I can explain the process using these softwares.

What are you using to write the HTML code? If you have Dreamweaver, this is a cinch.
chimp_8471Author Commented:
yes it is dreamweaver mx

you say a cinch!!!!

i say ouch!!!

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chimp_8471Author Commented:

2) No but will by the end of today :)
3) i created them using Captavia... screen grabbing video maker, it saves them as SWF, but i have also converted them to mpg so to answer your question ....both.
4) have no idea what this is.... let me know and i will try to give you a better answer
5)Maximun 2mb.... i don't think they will be that big...
6) nope but will get

so lets assume i have the items...... :)

thanks foryour help here..

Here is a most basic way to build what you are asking for. And there many different ways, but since you are starting out, this will give you a good basis. Here is a suggested workflow for you.

1) Use Captavia to capture your footage
2) Export the footage as MPEG
3) Use Toast it ( ) or do a google search for a cheaper MPEG TO DV file converter to convert the mpeg to DV file.
4) Use Sorenson Squeeze to convert DV file to FLV. Here you can set the compression to modem, 256K, 384K, etc depending on your audience. You should play around here for quality in the preview window.
5) In flash, open up the COMPONENT pallette and look for the MediaPlayBack  and drag it to the stage.
6) open up the COMPONENT INSPECTOR pallette. Make sure you are on the PARAMETERS tab. Here it is self explanatory. Fill in the values as needed. In the URL area, type in the path to your FLV file and the FLV file name.
7) Test the movie.
8) If you have 3 movies, then create 3 HTML files in Dreamweaver to its corresponding movies by embedding the corresponding SWF files. Make sure the path structure is maintained.
9) Instead of radio buttons, I would suggest using links instead to get to the movies. You can design the page however you like.

Give it a whirl.
And if you are planning to purchase the Macromedia's video kit for Dreamweaver, check out this article.
well you could use is fairly easy..i will write out a script for u ok?
PreeceConnect With a Mentor Commented:
I used something called SwishVideo to convert my .wmv to a .swf file.  SwishVideo also creates an .htm file that is used to contain and show the flash video.  So, you'll need to ftp both files to your host, and reference the .htm in your page code.  

But, in your case, since you already have the .swf file, you could (theoretically) just create the 'container' html file with a reference to your .swf file along with it's width and height.

You can get a copy of SwishVideo from:

Also, you can see an example at:

Just click on one of the video clip links at left...

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