ActiveX blocks and Zone Alarm Pro

Was having multiple attacks of backdoor programs, spyware, hijacks etc.  So I upgraded to the latest Norton Antivirus, ran Spywareblaster and upgraded to the pro version of Zone alarm.  Now I find I cannot go to any page that uses ActiveX with out the error message "Your current security settings prohibit running ActiveX controls". I removed Spywareblaster as it blocks ActiveX controls and the problem continued...I disabled Nortons and it continued....I disabled Zone Alarm and I stopped getting the error message.  Now Zone Alarm tech support says this error is caused by settings for mobile computing and to set that zone to off...but mine is already off. When I open Yahoo almost any page I jump to give me the dread ActiveX message...their music Launch program fails for the same reason....when I disable ZA pro the problem ceases.  Spywareblaster put a zillion things in the restricted sites area....could these somehow relate to the problem?  I used Hoster.exe to set the host file back to the out of the box microsoft setting.  I am out of ideas and very nervous to run without a firewall that monitiors incoming  and outgoing traffic.  Firefox does not support ActiveX so I don't get the error on every page but I cannot use a site such as Yahoo Launch for music play as it requires ActiveX.  Probably not related but also ran virus scan...all clean...HiJack this and everything analyzed as safe.  This ain't my area of expertise and I am flat out of ideas.  Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Have you tried going into Tools-Internet Options-Security (tab)-Custom Level and changing the settings for Active X controls?   The default settings for them in IE6 on XP-SP2 are:

Automatic prompting for ActiveX controls - disable
Binary and script behaviors - enable
Download signed Active X controls - prompt
Download unsigned Zctive X controls - disable
initialize and script active X controls not marked as safe - disable
Run ActiveX controls and plugins - enable
Script ActiveX controls marked safe for scripting - prompt
Have you tried in ZA Pro:

Tab Privacy -> Site List -> Add Button (down below) -> enter Yahoo Lauch Url.

Allow Mobile Code.

(checking it myself reight now)
Your hosts file in C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers\etc has nothing to do with IE restricted sites.

So if is in the restricted site list, activex should be disabled be default.

Could you give me any link that is not working for firefox please, right now I'm listening to  System of a Down quite successful, just videos are broken.

Btw. you can also go to ZA Pro -> Privacy tab -> Mobile Code control -> off

Is it set that way?

Maybe setting Cookie Control  -> off

and Adblocking -> off

might help, for testing.


>>when I disable ZA pro the problem ceases
>>...but mine is already off
>>This ain't my area of expertise and I am flat out of ideas

In that case... why not reinstall ZoneAlarm... the wizard should ask you if you want to block activeX n stuff. Talk you through it.
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