Can't copy and paste in Windows XP Pro

Hello Experts,

After I turned on my machine today, I'm suddenly unable to copy & paste with both the mouse or Control-C and Control-V.  When i right-click, the Copy function is still there, but the Paste function is disabled (I think it's becuase it wasn't copied in the first place).

I've tried disk clean to clean up everything in the temp directories already.  Does someone know the solution to this problem?  Thanks.
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Trying copy/paste from notepad. Try access clipbrd.exe to see if it has the contents that you copied in the first place.

Restarting the computer once more should help in most cases.
El ConquistadorSenior DBACommented:
Need more input -
What are you copying from and pasting to? Depending on the application depends on C&P process and capabilities
wunyuAuthor Commented:
I ran sfc /scannow, did a re-boot, and now copy/paste works now. =)
Thanks for your help.
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