.xls is locked for editing

an end user is trying to access a folder she created in Excel and when she opens, it says that .xls is locked for editing by another user. Click notify to open to read only but she is denied access and the file will not open. Any ideas on how to fix this.
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imnajamConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi larsrosberg,

try copying that file to another location, and retry to open it.make sure that the new location is not shared

is the file on a server or on a workstation? in either case check the permissions on the file to make sure that she has full access to the file and the folder that contains it.  Is she listed as the owner of the file?
I beleive that means there is another person that has that file open. When somebody else is working with the spreadsheet it locks it.

We are working in a Citrix environment, and when a user gets punched out of a session the file stays locked with that useraccount.

The copying will do the trick indeed.
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