Sending e-mail to Exchange from a Windows 2000 Server App


We currently have an application written in VC 6.0 running on Windows 2000 that sends e-mail messages to an Exchange server for distribution to end-users.

Currently, this is using MAPI, but the question is whether it could (or should) actually be using CDO.  It's legacy, so I have no idea why it was done this way, but I would expect that CDO is actually more reliable.

Can I get feed back on the pros/cons of these two alternatives and which is recommended for an unattended server application like this?

Gene KlamerusTechnical ArchitectAsked:
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CDO runs on top of mapi, it's just a different programming interface, is all.  The actual messaging functionality is provided by MAPI (messaging application programming interfact) so you aren't going to affect your apps reliability by rewriting it.  Here's some info:
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