DNS problem... speeding up internet speed.

We set up our SERVER 2003 as the PDC in a domain enviorment.

Each clinet is xp pro with sp2

Each cllinet has a static ip with the ip of the server as  DNS server.

The clinets seem to get slower speeds poping up webpages then our old way... when we had enterd the DNS servers of the ISP on each client.

An ideas on what could cause slower pages?
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mikebernhardtConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Did you check the "enable forwarders" box? If you don't do this then it won't forward to your configured servers, it will try the root servers as mikeleebrla stated.

What forwarders does is if the server doesn't have the information you want, it will forward the request to the configured servers instead of querying the root servers and then the remote domain's servers. Presumably the ISP's servers are bigger and have more info cached already, so it should be a lot faster to ask them than to ask the roots.

I do NOT check the no-recursion box and my timeout is the default 5 seconds. For me it works perfectly.

If your ISP's DNS servers aren't doing the job you should get another ISP. You shouldn't need to query anyone else's directly- you might as well not forward then.
mikeleebrlaConnect With a Mentor Commented:
if you dont have forwarders set up on your DNS server then that means your clients are using the "root hints" servers which can get bogged down and give you slow dns reponse times.  to correct this you can enter a few of your ISPs (or any ISPs) dns servers as forwarders.  you do this by going into the DNS mmc, rightclick on your server, go to the forwarders tab,  then simply add the IP addresses of a few public DNS servers.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
OK hold man hand here...

Im in dnsmgmt.

DNS\Server\Forward Lookup Zones\domain.local

I have folders with + infront of them....


Where do I go and I asume I rigth click and click on add zone or something?
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did you rightclick on the server like the instructions i gave you said to do???? once you rightclick on the server, choose properties, then go to the forwarders tab......  not any forward lookup zone or anything the SERVER in the DNS MMC.
mrchaos101Author Commented:
Ok found it thanks.

In here are 2 DNS numbers... BOTH are my ISP dns server ip's

It seems to be done already..... Y ou think If I obtained some more DNS server IP's from OTHER ISP providers this may help to speed things up?
mrchaos101Author Commented:
ALSO how many seconds before time out?  Currently it is set to 5.
60 seconds is what we use.  The default of 5 did cause problems for us.  Also, ensure you check the box "Do not use recursion for this domain".
FYI - Checking the "Do not use recursion for this domain" box makes your DNS server a slave to the ISP's DNS servers which you configured in the Forwarders tab.  This is not necessary but doing so prevents your DNS server from querying the root and down-level DNS servers at all.  It therefore is more secure because your server will only communicate with your ISP's DNS servers and no others.  This is why it's important to slave to more than one forwarder in case your ISP does maintenance on one of them or it goes down.  I have 3 forwarders listed and never had any problems.  The response time with a 60 second timeout when the server is slaved is VERY quick and problem-free.
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