Corrupt PST File

I was trying to backup my Outlook PST file over the network.  The file got corrupted.  Long story, stupid mistake.

I recovered the file using Microsoft's SCANPST.EXE program.  It put over 8,000 messages in my lost and found folder.

I can read most email messages and folders.  When I try to erase files, some, not all of them, I get an error message that tells me to rerun the SCANPST.EXE file.  It doesn't help to rerun it.

If I try to archive my folders I get errors.  Some files are archived and some aren't.  Typically, the files newer than 1/1/04 are not, although sometimes it does archive a few of them.

If I try to export the folders into separate PST files I get similar errors.

Are there any programs that don't cost an arm and a leg that can unscramble my file?  Or at least let me export my files to another file?

Thanks for your help.
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You might try one of these programs (note: I haven't tried them but have had good experiences working with these companies other products):
both offer demo versions to test the recovery. I assume you saved a copy of the "most original" (i.e. after the problem started) PST file?

If they don't work, chances are the other standard programs aren't going to get much more out of your files. (You can try of course; I'd try as many as possible)

In this case, get a quote from a "good repair company", we've used Ontrack on several occasions, they're quick and professional.
Get a quote for doing analysis; I'm not sure with Ontrack, but some companies  even have a "no repair, no bill" policy. But regarding your PST file, it's a question of how much "repair" would be worth a bill :). If you really need the mails, they probably have a good chance of getting them out (if they are still there :)). But this will most probably cost more than that one arm+leg...

Good luck
How much are your arms and legs worth :) ? What's it worth to you; should we look for a free solution or would you accept a commercial one?
rlewistxAuthor Commented:
I would say my arms and legs are worth much more than $100.  I would be happy to find a solution up to that if it really did a full fix, not just a partial.
Have you already tried creating a new PST file and dragging and dropping the contents of each folder to the new PST file?  Try this first if not.
rlewistxAuthor Commented:
The programs didn't help, but they were a good source to try.

I guess my file was just too corrupt.

Thanks anyway.
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