Temperature: How do I check the temperature of my laptop

I have a hp pavillion zx5000 and recently installed SpeedFan to monitor the temps of my heavily used laptop.

It says that my:
CPU Diode temp (Chip: VIA VT1211) is 102 Celc
ACPI (no idea what this is) 47 Celc
HD0 Drive 39 Celc

Is it possible that my chip is running at 102? Surely that is meltdown point?

Is this program very accurate or is there a safer way to monitor temps while the laptop is in use?

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I think the 102 °C number is wrong and due to faulty sensor or flakey software. One would suppose a decent processor protection circuit to have shut it down long before that temperature was reached. If the chip indeed gets that hot, there's a problem with the thermal coupling between the CPU and its heatsink.

You could try letting the laptop cool down and then start up the monitoring software immediatly after boot-up. If the temp seems to start at an incredibly high level (noticeably higher than room temp) and then goes on climbing to 102 °C, something is very probably wrong.
Many PC's have the possibility to check the temp via an option in the BIOS setup menu. This will probably be the most exact way of checking the system, although this way you can't check the temp of your system when it is at work. Also look at the HP homepage for downloads your your PC. Most manufacturers have their own temp. monitorining tools for download (if not already installed). The tool you get from the manufacturer is usually the best for your system, or at least adapted to your system. A 3rd party tools usually at least needs to be adjusted (maybe, in your example another CPU temp Diode may be used).
102C sounds a little high, a quick dig showed this forum:http://www.notebookreview.com/forums/topic.asp?TOPIC_ID=15361

where people are giving readings from 30C - 80C

I would say that 100+C is a little bit too warm. As the above person suggested, see if you can get tools from HP as the 3rd party ones maynot be reading it correctly. Also check to make sure your fan/s is/are working properly.
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jadeiaAuthor Commented:
Observations based on suggestions:

I have noticed that the CPU diode temp doesnt ever change from 102. The ACPI (what ever that is) changes from low 30's when booted up, up to low 50's after heavy use. The Harddrive usually hovers around the 30 - 35 mark.

Is it possible this ACPI is my chip and the chip sensor is just faulty/extra/unknown?

I ran some other software to compare the temps and surprise surprise, found that they only found my HD sensor and the ACPI one, and not the CPU..  I'm guessing my CPU sensor within SpeedFan is faulty.

I tried looking at the HP site for software on monitoring temps, but anyone familiar with HP will know I had little chance of ever finding it if they did. I began the process of asking them the question, but after spending around 15 minutes trying to navigate my way through their customer feedback form (supplying streams of data on my cpu, serial no, hard drive, etc etc - just to ask a question) I gave up (which Im guessing is the intent of the complicated forms).

I havnt found anything in the bios yet, though am going to reboot now and have a more thorough check.

Maybe your system doesn't have a temp sensor. ACPI is the powermanagement extension standard. This should have nothing to do with temperature.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
Motherboard Monitor is pretty good :

jadeiaAuthor Commented:
I wish Motherboard Monitor worked but I cant find my board (hp pavillion zx5000) listed so it wont install.

My bios also does not have any listing for cpu temp (or any temp).

Thanks for the advice though to all...   Gives me food for thought.
Shane Russell2nd Line Desktop SupportCommented:
I dont think that is your motherboard, that sounds more like the model and make of the laptop , What you will need to do is get wcpuid or belarc home edition to figure out what motherboard you have and then from there you can install motherboard monitor :)

Once you know what motherboard your hp pavillion zx 5000 has, which I am sure if you also go to the hp website and look at the detailed specs it will most likely tell you there what motherboard it has :)

Not sure if that helps you out at all :)
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