Upgrade from VB6 to VB.net issue

I have a program that was created with VB6.
I have installed VB.NET recently and upgraded that program to VB.Net project.
I am trying to build it and I get the following error messages.

C:\Project\MIS DISPATCH\AddNewEmp.vb(372): 'DataSource' is not a member of 'AxMSDataListLib.AxDataCombo'.
C:\Project\MIS DISPATCH\NewIncident.vb(905): 'DataField' is not a member of 'AxMSDataListLib.AxDataCombo'.

DataCombo control's DataSource property and DataField property in VB6 must be replaced with something else in VB.Net.

Any idea?
Thanks for your time.
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TDSnetConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Hi Rexford,

I haven't actually tried this myself but I just did a search on DataCombo DataSource in .NET and found a forum discussing your problem.  Looks like they found a solution...Check it out.


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