C# Select By GUID

I have a column in my table named, Guid.  I need to select a row from this table based on this guid.

I have tried

  "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE (Guid = '{19D00616-1903-4376-AFC3-017881B412AB}');"

but I receive a generic error.  (Note: When I try "SELECT * FROM MyTable;" it works fine).

Is there another syntax I should be using to specify the GUID?  If I try and use a datetime field as criteria it works fine also.
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Anthony PerkinsConnect With a Mentor Commented:
You can use:
  "SELECT * FROM MyTable WHERE GUID = '19D00616-1903-4376-AFC3-017881B412AB'
Anthony PerkinsCommented:
Also, please follow-up on this abandoned question:
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