Windows 2000 Server - Terminal Services over the web

My office is located in North Carolina, and our other office is located in New Jersey. Our office in NJ is a relativley small network (Win2k server and about 7 workstations.) They IT Admin there never created a domain and they are only working in Workgroup mode. I have been tasked to fly down there and set their Network up more securely and my boss has recommended for me to upgrade the workgroup to a domain.

Now I told him that I would rather find some other way to do this remotley (from my office) instead of flying up to NJ- then I thought Terminal Services. Is there some was that I can:

A) Walk him through setting up the Win2k server as a Terminal Services client so I may do a Remote Desktop Connection from my Windows XP
workstation to dcpromo his server

B) How would I go about setting this up to securley connect to his server via the internet. His network is on a dynamic IP address via an ISDN modem. Amazingly they are not firewalled as far as I know (possibly some sort of firewalling is going on in hiw ISDN modem, as it is providing NAT to his internal workgroup).

It is the best bet for me to set this up, as I thought about walking him through the process- but he probably doesn't know how to follow directions as well as I would like . I don't want to go the PC Anywhere route as this needs to be done soon, and my company does not want to spend any more money on software this quarter.  
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katacombzConnect With a Mentor Commented:
have you tried ahving someone installing iis on the remote server then installing the tsweb client. if this is done ou can connect to the server through a web page and log on using the RDP client.
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
A) Why not use VNC - real easy and quick to install.  You can upgrade it from that, then when all is working, you can setup terminal services and uninstall VNC.
B) I'd get them a firewall.  You can get something simple - even a linksys box - preconfigure it at your site and ship it to them.  Then talk them through putting it in.  I'd suggest you setup VPN on the server (a VPN Server that is) and configure the router to work with it.  Then you'll have a relatively secure connection to the site and Terminal Services and a Domain.
TrihimbulusAuthor Commented:
Is there someway I can make the TSWeb HTTPS??
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