Shopping Cart Overlay for Existing Microsoft Access Database


I am working on creating a webpage for a Antique Automotive Literature business in Orange County. Since each product is unique, I spent quite a bit of effort streamling the input capabilities so as to maximize the number of entries that can be entered in per month. To do this I created a fairly in depth database in Microsoft Access, and am now happy with the results.

Here is my problem.  Although I have been using Microsoft Access for years, I know absolutely nothing about web design.  The business owners had already purchased MIVA for their merchant functions, they have already set up a merchant account for credit cards, and already hired a web programmer years ago to create a VERY simplistic web page that uses MIVA.

The only problem is that the host is not using MIVA anymore, claiming that MIVA is vulnerable to hacking, and his server got shut down several times as a result.  Also, I need to build, or have built for me, a website that can perform composite searches on multiple indexes to zero in on  a precise range of records.  From my initial experience with MIVA, that software cannot do that.  It simply defines a sort order for the main body of records, and that is it.  My site will have over 5,000 independent records at a time, since each product is unique, and when it is gone, it is gone.


I have several questions:

1)  Am I wrong about MIVA. Can it be set up to be able to minimize a data range on multiple indexes.. such as setting CAR MAKE, YEAR, and LITERATURE CATEGORY?  I do not believe that it can.

2)  Is it possible to simply alter my Microsoft Access Database to present the online catalog, and allow me to build in the filters myself, and then hire someone else to build a merchant (shopping cart / credit card) overlay on top of my database. That would certainly be the easiest.  

3) Is it easier to simply dump my data into a new merchant application and work from there... and if so, which one allows composite querying of the data?

4) What web host do you reccommend?

PS..  I am looking to hire an expert to take my work on Microsoft Access and take it to the finish line... so if anyone is in this line of work and can give me an estimate of what it would cost... I would be grateful.  I simply need a merchant overlay, set up on a host.  I already created the product database, and can alter it as needed.
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Well I don't know the answers about MIVA, but I do want to comment about acces.

Since you say you have very little web experience you may not know that Acess is a very poor choice for web applications.

There are several reasons that Access is considered unsuitable for web databases:
Access limits the number of connections that you can have at any one time.
Access databases grow exponentially as records are added
Access filesizes are based on amount of data and speed is based on file size.
Access prevents websites from performing certain actions that are commonly used directly in access
For most web sites access - except personal ones - access is too slow and limited.

In general if you are wanting ot do E-commerce - you should consider finding a host that can let you migrate to either MS SQL or MySQL or Oracle depending on your size, expected hit count and other factors.
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