How do I underline a character in a label's caption WITHOUT getting the Alt-Letter functionality?

I have a label and need to underline the first letter of its caption, but I do NOT want the Alt-Letter keystroke to get automatically handled... This is because I have a custom handler for that Alt-Letter keystroke, so I can't have some darn label intercepting it...

Alternatively, if I knew what (if any handle-able) event(s) get fired when one does hit that Alt-Letter keystroke, I could just call my custom handler from that event-handler...

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SethiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
A workaround is to use two label controls. The first label control will have caption as the letter that needs to be underlined and set the font to "Underline". The second lable will contain the rest of the part of the word. Place the two labels together in such a way, that they look like one label.
YOu can also use the following label control in which you can write HTML. This will let you underline a portion of your text. The control is free of cost.:
Naveen SwamyYash Infinite Solutions Private LimitedCommented:
use line control, to underline

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I did not understand, why I got B grade for the answer? Did you get a better workaround?
MelvinivitchAuthor Commented:
Sorry - I was hoping for a way to catch the event that gets fired, or to disable that functionality for the label...

And when it asks for a grade, it lists B as "Good", which your answer was... I certainly didn't mean to imply that it was bad. I'm new here, so perhaps I don't understand how grades are typically assigned. If workable answers always get an A, I'll happily re-grade you to an A, if that's possible. ... I was just going by the descriptions listed next to the grades when I'm presented with the grading option...
Not a problem. You cant capture the event with label because hot keys are not fired with label controls. Infact instead of going through all these workarounds, I should have told you that earlier and it never struck me. Probably I deserve B than A :-)
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