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Configuring OWA to use only https located behind a PIX 515e firewall

OK here's my dilemma.  When accessing OWA 2003 internally the redirect outline in IIS by Microsoft works without a hitch.

Now if I try to execute it externally, it only works if I have both port 80 and 443 open.

I'd rather keep this box as locked down as possible from the outside, so the fewer open ports the better.

So is it possible to have the redirect occur that I have set up in IIS without opening port 80 or should I add a script in the header of the default.asp page?

1 Solution
The redirect works when someone connects using HTTP (on port 80) by then passing them to HTTPS (port 443). If you do not have port 80 accessable to the world, the redirection will not occur (the web browser will try to connect on port 80 and will time out).


1. Educate your users to type HTTPS in front of the URL and onlyhave port 443 open to the world. If they type HTTP and it doesn't work, then tell them they need to use HTTPS at the start.

2. Put another website up externally (host somewhere for $5/mon) and change your external DNS to point HTTP://mail.company.com to this webhost. Make the default page on this website a redirect to HTTPS://your.OWA.outside.IP

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