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How do I enable my AGP Accelerator and how do I know if I have one?

I have a Compaq Presario 6500.  It used to have Windows XP, but it crashed and Windows 2000 was installed instead of XP.  I recently bought Medal of Honor and it will not run because of my video card not being 100% compatable with directx.  I have downloaded directx 9 and still no luck.  I have also ensured that it is enabled, but the option for enabeling the AGP Accelerator is not available.  Any input would be greatly appreciated on how to enable this AGP Accelerator.

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The Compaq Presario 6500 doesn't have an AGP (Accelerated Graphics Port). The graphics processor is integrated with the motherboard. You could try and maximise the amount of memory available for graphics by changing a psrameter in the BIOS, but this would reduce the amount of ram available to windows. Looking at the specs for this PC, I don't think it was really designed to run graphics intensive games.
No, the integrated graphics will not support graphically complex games.
Even if this PC isn't designed for such games, download the drivers and utilities for this PC Model from the HP site and install them. This will make sure your hardware is setup optimaly.
while the integrated Intel Extreme 2 graphics are not capable of handling modern gaming, with or without more memory, some of the 6500's do in fact have a agp port and allow you to upgrade the graphics on your system. Is there any way you can come back with the full model number or a serial number so we can id what motherboard was shipped with your system. The computer you have is still a decent speed, and with a graphics upgrade will still be viable for gaming.

short of returning the model number. you could download some system id utilities, such as sisoft's sandra, or everest and do a full system id to see if you have an open agp slot, then you can decide if you want to upgrade and we can go from there.

The Integrated Intel Extreme 2 graphics were only really intended for the non-gaming home user(ie word process, surfing)

drew4eaAuthor Commented:
The model # is MXK40616SH.  I have done all the upgrades and it still doesn't work.  I have even enabled the AGP and I get the same message when starting the game.  The message says that my video card is not 100% compatable with directx 8.1.  Do I need to buy another card or can I resort to something else?
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