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Sizing what is seen on the monitor in Win2000Pro

Since a clean reinstall of Windows 2000 I now have to move the bottom bar back and forth constantly to see. That was never there before. I've tried setting the monitor with its control buttons, but it has no effect on Internet pages. I worked inside the "appearance" within Control Panel. Nada. Pages are simply too wide. If I take the text size down one more notch, I can't see. I keep it on medium just as before. BTW, the monitor is a 19"er.

This is a first time thing for me with any of the Windows versions.


Info: NVidia was installed from the Windows CD. (Should I use the disk that came with the machine to see if that solves the problem?)
1 Solution
Lee W, MVPTechnology and Business Process AdvisorCommented:
I'm not sure I understand what you are describing, so this could be way off, but try adjusting the monitor's refresh rate.
Nirmal SharmaSolution ArchitectCommented:
Increase the Screen Area from Settings tab in Disaply Property.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
To each of you. I have NO idea where these "resets" are. I went to settings and control panel and then to display. NO "Display Property" and nowhere anything about increasing screen area. Why increase? I need to get what I see smaller. I have this set right now to "smaller" in VIEW. It's huge. To see what's on this area I have to pull the bar at the bottom back and forth, and I'm tired of this. I've never had this problem.

What's "refresh rate"? Never heard that before.

I've tried setting fonts smaller in display (either way too big or way too small...no middle ground). I work with size of each box in display, and it has no effect.

I work with the buttons on my Dell monitor and work with sizing (this only has to do with the size of the Windows pane (i.e., what you see right now, not the Internet pages width or height), etc. and I cannot get the Internet pages narrow enough to be comfortable. So even if the "box" in which I now see is the correct size, the website itself is HUGE (width-wise). OE has some font problems too. (And yes, I do with with the "view" menus for font size, and I cannot get one that is right....again. too large or too small). I'm stuck here!

Since I've NEVER had monitor problems I'm a dunce. Usually I'm working on Windows issues or my CD burner, but this is a newbie for me! Any suggestions that will allow me to see ALL of the site without scrolling back and forth would be great. This thing acts like I have a new WIDE screen (one of the plasma thingees). I just have a regular large clunky (but great quality) 19" Dell Trinitron monitor. Dell won't help me (they never were of help to me).

Thanks again. I wish I knew all the proper words so you guys understood better what I'm trying to describe. Think of it this way: look at your monitor right now. Can you see everything on any website totally without moving the bottom bar back and forth? I cannot. That's the short version. ALSO, the fonts are way too large where it says "File...Edit...View...Favorites...et al." the bar beneath with the "back" button, stop, home and so forth is fine. Bar below that is the "address" bar which is okay although the "address" "go" and "links" could be smaller. The next bar (my fourth toolbar) down holds a form filler called "Roboform" and it's just right in font size too.

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Julian HansenCommented:
Hi Lindsay,

Try the following

1. Start -> Settings -> Control Panel
2. Open the Display Applet
3. Click the Settings tab on the extreme right
4. Under colours what options do you have (256, High Color, True Color ? ) select High Color if it is there
5. Under Screen Area (what value is set there?) make the screen area 1280 X 1024 pixles using the slider bar to increase the size of the screen
6. Select Apply

Did that change anything ? If not then let us know what options were displayed for color and resolutoin - you may need to load the display driver.

If all worked then you just have to set the refresh rate but we will get to that once we have fixed the above problem.
Lindsay37Author Commented:
Well, big duh on me! I knew about that place. I have fiddled with it more times than I care to count. I just thought I had it in the best place as that was what I remembered! Oy!!! It was on the smaller pixel count and at 16-bit. I couldn't go to 1280 x 1024 as I couldn't see the words anymore. ;)

Everything is on the page except maybe 1/2 inch. This site is a "wide" site as I recall. I'll just keep fiddling with the settings. I think I'm embarrassed! I KNEW that one. Jello brain.
I also went in and chose Standard Windows setting and tried one or two more before. I reset the 8 point fonts to 10 points, and things are getting better. This is a wee bit too small in font, but I'll get it right any day now.

Thanks so very much!! That was a short horse soon curried.

Donna Lindsay
Lindsay37Author Commented:
I meant to say I "lied" when I said I didn't know about the resets. It was just not the language I understood earlier today. I'm sorry. It was there, just not enough of it.

Julian, you spelled it out and that made sense to my soggy, overtired brain. And I went to the senior center today and worked on that computer. UGH! If they can find the serial number to 98 I'll reinstall. At the very least I'll clean it up. It's only 2 GB!!! They need a new computer and OS. Probably budget issues. The elderly gentleman who did a great job on it recently died, and people are messing with it. I need to get a password on it that the Director knows so this stops. People rent the place as it has a great dance floor! I only wish I could access this place when I'm over there. I tried to get Avast! on it, but no dice. They could tell it was a public computer. What I couldn't tell them is it's a non-profit for seniors, and there's just not much money around. It's not considered essential except by a few of us. I think computers should be everywhere personally. But someone MUST administer them. I don't want to get stuck with that job. I want to learn more about nonprofits and maybe even get into a salaried position somewhere one day I can handle (I've had surgeries that have altered my life which means "stay close to home" time). I'll see what can be done. The gal also needed to figure out how to get her photos off her Kodak. She'd let the ONE battery die so that has to charge. I'm amazed what people don't learn.

BUT, look at what I don't know!! However, I was appreciate which is always nice. :) The blind leading the blind? ;)

Thanks again.

Donna Lindsay
Julian HansenCommented:
You are most welcome

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